Welcome to the Johno Johnson Forum. We are a Forum for people of faith who believe in the Labor ideal. The Forum holds webinars to explore the traditions of the Labor Party with an emphasis on Christian Social Teaching.

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About Fr Brennan

Fr Frank Brennan SJ AO is Rector of Newman College at the University of Melbourne. He is a Distinguished Fellow of the PM Glynn Institute at Australian Catholic University and an Adjunct Professor at the Thomas More Law School at ACU. He is the author of numerous books on human rights having chaired the Australian Government’s 2009 National Human Rights Consultation and having been a member of the Australian Government’s 2018 Religious Freedom Review. Most recently he has served on the Australian Government’s Senior Advisory Group designing a proposed ‘Indigenous Voice for the First Nations Peoples in Australia.


Time & Date: Tuesday 15th June 2021

7:30 PM to 8:30PM Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane

5:30 PM to 6:30 PM Perth

Format: 5 minutes intro, 10 to 15 minutes talk, and then 40 to 45 minutes for questions. 30 minute debrief after the event for interested participants

Zoom: To be provided on RSVP 

RSVP: johnojohnsonforum@gmail.com